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Update on our season (May 15, 2020)

To: All Commissioners, Coaches, and Team Members,

We are all living in a time no one ever dreamed possible could happen, but here we are. Our students lost the last third of their school year, the end of most winter sports, prom, all spring activities, graduation ceremonies, and summer sports. The Covid-19 pandemic has touched us all in many ways and unfortunately will continue to affect our lives for the foreseeable future.

As the State Youth Director for the Minnesota B.A.S.S. Nation. It is my responsibility first and foremost, to ensure the safety of all our members when ever they are involved in a BASS sponsored event. With that in mind and with the guidance we have received from the DNR and the Minnesota Department of Health it has been determined that even though we have the approval to hold live weigh-ins, it is nearly impossible to ensure the protection of our student members, the boat captains, and their families.  Additionally, with all of the requirements and protocols we
would have to implement and follow, the tournaments would not have the joy and fun that is normally part of the event.

After conferring with all of the Conference Commissioners and the Assistant State Youth Director. It has been decided that in the best interest of the health and safety of our membership, that the rest of the 2020 season will be cancelled. This decision does not come lightly, the Conference Commissioners and the Board has looked at all options available and makes this decision with a heavy heart.

Hopefully, things will get better and we will get back to some sense of normalcy in the near future. I have already spoken with BASS National and informed them of our decision not to have a 2020 season. I have also informed Hank Weldon (National Youth Director) we have put a plan in place to give all eligible members a chance to qualify for the 2021 National Championship and have his approval. With that in mind, I have frozen all rosters as of today June 12, 2020. Any member of any High School roster or Junior roster as of June 12, 2020, will be eligible to participate in
qualifying tournaments that will be held June of 2021 that will decide Minnesota’s 2021 Junior State Team and the teams that will move on to the 2021 National Tournament. We will hold state qualifying tournaments by conference as we would have in 2020 and will start the 2021 season by finishing the 2020 season with the 2020 State High School and Junior Championship. (Should be interesting trophies considering dates) Look for those plans to be published in January or February of 2021.

The 2020 National High School and Junior Championship has been moved to 18-24 October so those teams that have qualified, get on the water as much as you can. Practice the techniques that you will be using in Tennessee. You need to get good at them if you want to be successful at Nationals. Juniors, hint: get good at “Carolina Rigging.”

I encourage all to get out and fish. Fish with a buddy, hold team events, challenge other high school teams to scrimmages on multiple lakes and use virtual weigh-ins. Take this summer and improve your fishing skills by following the protocols of the photo contest and the trivia quizzes on the website will help you achieve those goals. I know I will spend more time on the water this summer than I have in a long time. I will be looking all of you,
and I hope to see you on the water. To all, have a safe summer and “keep those lines tight.”

Paul T. Perovich

State Youth Director
Minnesota B.A.S.S. Nation

Minnesota Junior B.A.S.S. Nation

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